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Types of Pests

Below are some of the many pests that can be found in the southern region of the United States., Click on the links below to learn more information about each pest.
Ants Wasps & Bees Fleas & Ticks
Insects Roaches Rodents & Animals
Spiders Lawn Pests Stored Product Pests
Argentine Ants Argentine Ant   Florida Carpenter Ants Florida Carpenter Ants
Crazy Ants Crazy Ants   Pharoah Ants Pharoah Ants
Fire Ants Red Imported Fire Ants   Ghost Ant Ghost Ant
Fire Ants White-Footed Ants      
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Fleas & Ticks
Cat Flea - Adult Adult Cat Flea   Brown Dog Tick Brown Dog Tick
Deer Tick Deer Tick    
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American Roaches   Florida Wood Roach Florida Woods Roach
Hissing Roach Hissing Roach   German Roach German Roach
Brown Roach Brown Roach   Oriental Roach Oriental Roaches
Australian Roach Australian Roach   Smokey Brown Roach Smokey Brown Roaches
Cuban Roach Cuban Roach      
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Cat Flea - Adult Drywood Termite   Subteranean Termite Subteranean Termite
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Black Widow Spider Black Widow   Garden Spider Garden Spider
Brown Recluse Spider Brown Recluse   Jumping Spider Jumping Spider
Daddy Long Legs Daddy Long Legs   Wolf Spider Wolf Spider
Brown Recluse Spider Spiny Orb Weaver   Jumping Spider Yellow Sac Spider
Daddy Long Legs Long Jawed Orb Weaver   Wolf Spider Golden Silk Spider
Scorpions Scorpions      
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Bed Bugs Bed Bugs   House Fly House Fly
Carpet Beetle Dermestid Beetles   Green Bottle Fly Green Bottle Fly
Silverfish Silverfish   Whitefly Whitefly
Mosquito Mosquito   Crickets Crickets
Pillbug Pillbug   Sowbug Sowbug
Plaster Bagworm Plaster Bagworm   Midge Midge
Springtails Springtails   Thrips Thrips
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Lawn Pests
Tropical Web Worm Tropical Sod Webworm   Tawny Mole Cricket Tawny Mole Cricket
Fall Armyworm Fall Armyworm   Southern Mole Cricket Southern Mole Cricket
Centipede Centipede   White Grub White Grub
Millipede Millipede   Chinch Bugs Chinch Bugs
Earwigs Earwigs      
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Rodents & Animals
Roof Rat Roof Rat   Armadillo Armadillo
House Mice House Mice   Opposum Opossum
Norway Rat Norway Rat   Racoon Raccoon
Pack Rat Rat   Squirrel Squirrel
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Wasps & Bees
Africanized Bees Africanized Bee   Honey Bee Eurpoean Honey Bee
Bumble Bee Bumble Bee   Hornet Hornet
Carpenter Bee Carpenter Bee   Yellow Jacket Yellow Jacket
Cicada Killer Cicada Killer   Wasp Wasp
Mud Dauber Wasp Mud Dauber Wasp      
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Stored Product Pests
Indian Meal Moth Indian Meal Moth   Rice Weevil Rice Weevil
Granary Weevil Granary (Grain) Weevil   Flour Beetle Flour Beetle
Sawtoothed Grain Beetle Sawtoothed Grain Beetle   Cigarette Beetle Cigarette Beetle
Drugstore Beetle Drugstore Beetle   Mealworm Mealworm
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